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Hostage Store

Client: Ann-Sofie Back

Sweden’s best and only international fashion designer, Ann-Sofie Back returned to Sweden in 2009 after many years in London. Our task: to rouse attention around her pop-up store.

Ann-Sofie Back’s fashion creations provoke feelings – many people assume she’s just making ugly clothes instead of seeing the context and the ideas behind each collection. We came up with the idea of making a joke about this through taking the side of “good taste” by kidnapping Ann-Sofie and getting her to stop making her fashion faux pas.

“Sweden’s first Hostage Store was born”

The temporary store was open for three months. We directed and produced films surrounding the kidnapping, brainwashing and releasing. We also set up installations and produced special merchandise for the store.

The Hostage

The project received a lot of publicity – we especially enjoy the fact that New York Times wrote about the Hostage Store.