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Comme des Garçons – Guerrilla Store +46 8

Store Project

We would like to think we started the pop up-store trend in Sweden. In 2004 we visited Berlin and saw a new kind of store. Back in Stockholm we simply made a phone call: “Moshi moshi! We saw that you’ve just opened a Comme des Garçons Guerrilla store in Berlin. We’d love to open one for you in Stockholm!”

GUERRILLA: a small group of independent people fighting for what they believe in

Comme des Garçons is the Japanese fashion brand that made its debut show in Paris in 1981 – with a constant unconventional fashion and innovative ideas. Now they wanted to find a new way to mix and sell current and older collections on new markets – contrary to the fashion industry’s craze for the latest.

Guerrilla Store +46 opened on September 17, 2004 in our office on Östgötagatan 48. Attending the opening was Adrien Joffe, owner and married to Rei Kawakubo – the legendary designer behind Comme des Garcon, as well as an array of fashion people and personalities. The publicity around the event was huge and we were repeatedly approached by the press for interviews during the year we were open.

A one year project

After a year of events, happenings and a bunch of fun encounters we could look back on a fantastic project.

The Rules of Comme des Garçons Guerrilla Store

1. The store cannot be open for more than one year in the same place.

2. The location is to be chosen on the basis of atmosphere, history and not be situated too close to a commercialized area and it should possess a special quality.

3. The products are to be a mix from all seasons, new and old, clothing and accessories, existing or specially manufactured, from Comme des Garçons’s brand and partners.